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Team Dryad ...

Meet the amazing people that have helped build the dream!

Introducing Team Dryad ...

Alex AKA Dryad Security

Alex AKA Security and occasionally a Dinosaur.

Alex is sits at the heart of Team Dryad. What would I do without him? He defiantly deserves some entrance music. He is my partner and without him there would be no Dryad Gin.

Sarah AKA Snacks

Here is Sarah AKA Snacks and wow she can create the perfect snack box for any occasion..

Sarah joined us just over a year ago and has been so brilliant. You will mainly find her making cocktails but she is also in charge of behind bar dance routines. Her energy and enthusiasm as brought so much to Team Dryad we are very grateful to have her.

Jon AKA Jon The Bard

Here is Jon The Bard. Jon has written The Dryad Gin Song you can listen the song below! 

Jon is also a keen lover of Dryad Gin. He has been with us since the start and helps at all our Pop Up Pubs and I consider him one of our chief tasters a very important job and my very good friend.

Trish AKA Art Carbuncle

Without Trish so much of the Dryad Story would not exist, she is an Art Historian and curated our Centaur Chiron.

She gave her voice to our films and has attended nearly every Pop Up Pub. She has also consumed many Dryad Cocktails for quality checks. Trish has also brought art to life with her brilliant talks entitled, ” The Art of Drinking.” these are held at Broomfield Village Hall. Trish is loved by Team Dryad so much and she brings so much to all of our events. She is such a brilliant friend too.

Leyla AKA Capeater

Here is Leyla, by this time when interviewing, Leyla and I had consumed a large quantity of cocktails. In our defence they were very beautiful drinks.

Leyla is a very good friend and has supported Dryad Gin right from the start. She is wearing one of our Dryad headdresses and is a lover of Dryad Gin. She is a lover of Dryad gin too