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The Dryad Inn

Welcome to our pop-up-pub!

Broomfield Village Hall

Please check our Facebook page for opening times and dates

07400 428586

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Dryad Inn

The spirit of the woodlands

The Dryad Inn opened its doors in July 2022. Becky wanted to bring her local community together. There are 110 fewer pubs in Somerset than in 2001. Pubs are acknowledged as community hubs, they provide ways of local people to connect and reduce social isolation. We currently do not have a rural transport service so being able to walk or cycle to a village hall is feasible.

The Dryad Inn stocks all local ciders, wines and beers. We offer a fabulous cocktail of the night. On the first night around 150 drinks were sold and the atmosphere was buzzing. Becky Wright is the licence holder and hires the village hall on a regular basis. 

It’s staffed by volunteers who want to provide somewhere for the local people to meet and connect.

Our next Pop Up Pub will be on the following dates at Broomfield Village Hall TA5 2EQ we will be joined by The Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme at each event who will provide a creative connection. We open at 7pm and cater for over 18s only. 

  • 27th July 2024
  • 21st September 2024
  • 1st November 2024
  • 21st December 2024