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Our Inspiration

This gin is dedicated to the memory of Becky and Liz’s mum, Sheila Wright.

Sheila (She’ll to those who knew her well), was one heck of an extraordinary lady. I know we may be considered biased being her family but I’m sure everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing, or partying with her, will agree humans like her don’t come along all too often.

Beaming with warmth and a friendly smile she was the most welcoming of souls; full of life.

She’ll dedicated many years of her life to hospitality, owning and running The Packhorse B&B in Allerford, where she made a thriving home for her family and many happy years for many of her returning guests.

She’ll raised two daughters (Liz & Becky) and a granddaughter (Phoebe) but had many who referred to her as a second mum/grandma as she often extended her heart and home to anyone and everyone in need.

She’ll was an immensely strong and inspiring individual and apart from living many love and laugher packed years, she’d also regularly share many a story; Living through WW2 in Bath as a child, regularly dancing the night away in Bath’s famous Pump Room ballroom, taking the occasional skinny dip in the traditional baths and so, so much more. She’ll stayed determined to enjoy life to its fullest to the bitter end, she managed to live to hold her long awaited first great grandchild Elizabeth Rose.

She loved her gin, often dedicating various times of day to Gin O’clock and so enjoyed any experience which involved drinking and having fun with others, especially her friends at The Kildare Lodge in Minehead.

It goes without saying She’ll will be greatly missed by all for many, many years to come! Rest assured a piece of She’ll shall live on in each of her nearest and dearest every time you make a toast with gin or a kind gesture is made.

We know She’ll will be having one heck of a knees up behind those pearly gates and she would have loved the gin launch and The Dryad Inn. Bringing people together was something she held dear.

The Team - Sheila

Sheila Wright DOB: 15/03/1933 - 01/03/21